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Welcome to the new App Sammy, your community for snacking on the coolest mobile and social games in the universe! We aim to be different by focusing on YOU. This is your resource to satiate your game cravings at all hours. This is your forum to shout out your love (or hate) for a particular game. Ultimately, this is YOUR community to share in the human experience so fundamental to great gameplay.
We’re here to help out. We provide you with great coverage of your favorite apps that you play on your mobile phone, tablet and on Facebook. But we’re more than just news and reviews of these apps. We offer feature coverage of new game releases, star game developers and the like. We also showcase hilarious video takes on the game app marketplace. Most importantly, we reach out to YOU to get the proverbial word on the street from the most important people of all – those actually playing games!
So welcome again to App Sammy. We hope you enjoy it and are eager to hear your feedback.
Reach out to us at info@appsammy.com
Happy snacking,
The App Sammy team